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Healthy Communication & Boundaries Guided Course

You may be good at day-to-day communication, but communicating when you're emotional is a whole other skill set. If you freeze up or lose your ability to express yourself in healthy ways when you're emotional, you are not alone! When the emotional side of our brain takes over from the rational side, our healthy communication skills can easily go out the window and we can fall into unproductive patterns such as shutting down, guilt-tripping, becoming aggressive or defensive, or using other unhealthy communication tactics.

If you want to learn how to communicate when you're emotional without creating extra stress in your life, this enlightening course by psychotherapist and author, Lise Leblanc, will help you learn to communicate your wants and needs when you're upset, as well as learn to recognize some of the unhealthy communication strategies you’ve been using. You will also learn several healthy communication strategies, including OPEN Communication, how to set and maintain boundaries, and how to say NO so you can enjoy more peaceful and fulfilling relationships.

Using teaching videos, practical exercises, reflective questions, and worksheets, the Healthy Communication & Boundaries guided course will give you the insights, information, and strategies to enhance your speaking and listening skills, resolve conflicts, and create more connection in your relationships. 

The Healthy Communication & Boundaries guided course includes:

  • Expert instruction to help you understand your emotional communication patterns.
  • 15 Game-Changing Tips for having emotional conversations.
  • Practical exercises to help you learn to gracefully say no and effectively set boundaries. 
  • Worksheets to help you get clear on who you need to set boundaries with.
  • Concrete strategies to help you preserve your mental and emotional energy. 

The Healthy Communication & Boundaries guided course will teach you how to communicate productively when you're emotional without shutting down or disconnecting from the people that matter to you.