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Many people are walking around with all of their resentments stowed away in a figurative backpack that they carry around everywhere they go. It weighs so much that they become like a turtle with a shell that's 10 times too big for them. Eventually they end up stuck on their back with arms and legs helplessly flailing around. Once completely incapacitated and suffering to a point that is no longer manageable, they are forced to do something about it. Others are more like pressure cookers. They continuously stew in old hurts and resentments from the past until an explosion occurs. After the eruption they may feel better for a while, but it never lasts. The cycle starts over and before long the pressure has built up again, just waiting for another opportunity to explode. But here’s the thing… in time, these “unforgivens” take on a life of their own. These resentments lead to blame, criticism, defensiveness and full blown communication breakdowns. Simply put, the end result is disconnection. And of course, the solution is genuine forgiveness.


This mini course may be short (each lesson takes 30-60 minutes), but when completed thoroughly and honestly, it can have a HUGE impact on your life. This course will help you learn the importance of forgiveness and learn how to release negative emotions so you can live in freedom, from the inside out!


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